The Japanese Swimming Championships held until the 1st.

Rikako Ikee has updated her personal best after returning to competition from leukemia in three disciplines.

It's been about two months since the representative selection meeting that shed tears of regret.

Ikee, who once said she "lost her confidence," asked why she was able to leave her results at this tournament.

There was a high level of analysis and correction ability of her player Ikee.

Feelings before getting sick

Regarding the representative selection of the international competition held in March, Ikee recalls that "the body was finished."

However, she was too conscious of the time to break the standard dispatch record, so she was "hurried" and the swim was idle, and she could not clear the target time in any of the events.

Ikee thinks about the reason why "impulsion" occurred.

She then came up with the difference in her feelings before she got sick that remained in her.

"In the old days, it was a little more stretched in the second half and it was natural for me to swim comfortably in a single swim state, but in recent races, if the players around me are nearby, I think I'm slow, I have to swim fast. I was impatient and often confused by the players around me. "

“Swim as big as possible”

At the time of the Japan Championships, Ikee changed his mind to "do not feel too confident and think that the best will come out, and swim without rushing" in order to eliminate this difference in feeling.

After analyzing his own mental condition, Ikee thought about how to connect it to swimming.

Specifically, when I was impatient, the tempo of the swim became faster, so I modified the swim so that the shoulder blades would move a lot, saying, "I will swim as big as possible to improve it."

As a result of this amendment, I updated my personal best after returning to the competition with the 50m butterfly on the first day of the competition, the 100m freestyle on the third day of the competition, and the 50m freestyle on the final day.

After the race, Ikee calmly looked back and analyzed this tournament.

"I think I've regained some confidence, but I've always wanted to be able to break the record with this best. I want to acknowledge my growth, and I've grown a lot. It was a good opportunity to see myself. ”

And from that word, I can feel that I have already begun to draw a roadmap for the future in my heart.

"The future issue will be how far we can achieve results in a situation where our physical strength has been pushed to the limit for the Paris Olympics. It is a technology that has power. If we can clear it a little more, we will demonstrate more power than ever. I think I can do it and get better results than ever before. I think that freestyle short distances are in a tough position in the world, but I think that I can return to a position where I can train by making the best use of my characteristics.

" High power and correction power.

It will be further refined and shining for the Olympics two years from now.