The World Cup semi-final between Sweden and Finland developed into a real thriller.

It was Sweden who took the lead after two Finnish mistakes at the beginning of the second period.

First, defender Aron Kiviharju gave away the puck in his own zone and then goalkeeper Topias Leinonen misjudged the pass Oskar Pettersson sent towards goal, something Otto Stenberg used in the best way when he poked in the match's first goal.

KLIPP: Sweden's 1-0 goal against Finland

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Sweden's 1-0 goal against Finland

Finland pressed for an equalizer in the third period but the Swedish goalkeeper Hugo Hävelid made a series of really sweaty saves, but in the end the Finnish equalizer came and it was deservedly seen in the match picture in the third period.

The small crowns hit the puck the most, which led to Finland being able to attack after attack and in the end it resulted in a goal.

Jani Nyman's finish was both hard and well placed, nothing you can load Hävelid in the box for.

With 1.24 left of regular time, Sweden got a golden opportunity to decide the semifinals after Finland's Joakim Kemell incurred a stupid expulsion in the offensive zone.

Then Sweden's king of points in the tournament Jonathan Lekkerimäki stepped forward and pushed Småkronorna to the final with only 34 seconds left to play.

In the final, the USA, which is undefeated so far during the tournament, is waiting for an impressive group game and an even more impressive final game.

In the semifinals, they defeated the Czech Republic 6-1.