Our reporter Chen Jiakun

  This season's CBA finals, the Liaoning team swept the Zhejiang Guangsha team with a total score of 4-0, and was crowned the CBA championship for the second time in team history.

Zhao Jiwei was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the Finals with his outstanding performance. He believes that he is still a long way from the "top of the mountain".

  In the 4 games of the finals, Liaoning head coach Yang Ming did not arrange Zhao Jiwei as the starter, but his playing time and the core position of the backcourt have always been very important.

On the court, he can always use precise passing to sort out the team's offense in good order.

4 games, he sent a total of 31 assists, the second reached 13 times.

In terms of personal scoring, Zhao Jiwei is also very efficient. In 4 games, his 3-point shooting rate exceeded 50%. In the 4th game, he made 4 of 5 3-pointers and scored 20 points and 8 assists in 22 minutes.

  According to the rules announced by the CBA League before the start of this season, in all the finals, the player of the championship team with the highest individual performance quality value per game will win the FMVP, that is, the most valuable player in the finals.

If the indicators are the same or the difference is within 0.5 (excluding), the total score of all the games in the finals will be the main reference value, and the one with the most total score will be elected.

After the first three finals, Zhao Jiwei's personal performance quality per game ranked after Morand.

With a high hit rate of 7 of 9 shots and multiple assists in the fourth game, Zhao Jiwei finally surpassed.

For this result, fans agreed that it was well deserved.

  Having won the Most Valuable Player Award in the Finals, Zhao Jiwei said frankly: "This award is not only for me, but also for our team. We are united. Everyone worked hard to play the game well and the finals well. Everyone is an MVP."

  This year is already the ninth season for Zhao Jiwei to represent the Liaoning team in the CBA. In the previous two seasons, the Liaoning team failed to hit the championship in a row, which made Zhao Jiwei feel very sorry.

"Winning the championship this time may be a way to make up for it. The Liaoning team has not been easy in the past few years. Both the coaching staff and the team members are holding back their energy and want to continue rushing." Zhao Jiwei once posted on his personal social media: "The biggest enemy is myself, there are not many people on the top of the mountain, I want to go and see." The champion, he said: "At this moment today, we are considered to be standing, but I personally still have a long way to go from the top of the mountain."

  After completing this season's CBA journey, Zhao Jiwei still has new tasks.

The Chinese men's basketball team plans to participate in the 2023 World Cup qualifiers on June 30. The opponents are the Australian team and the Chinese Taipei team. As an important player on the backline of the national team, Zhao Jiwei will continue to climb to the "top of the mountain".