It has been confirmed that Shuhei Fukuda, a regular outfielder of professional baseball and Orix, has been newly infected with the new coronavirus.

At ORIX, 6 people, including 5 athletes, have been confirmed to be infected in the last 3 days.

According to the team, there were infected people in the team, so a PCR test for the new coronavirus was conducted on the 28th, and Fukuda was judged positive on the 29th.

Fukuda has no symptoms and is being treated away from the team.

Fukuda, an outfielder in his fifth year, has played in all games this season, mainly as the number one batter, and has a batting average of 20% and 5 minutes, marking the top three triples in the Pacific League. rice field.

Since 27th, ORIX has been confirmed to be infected with King Homerun, Yutaro Sugimoto, etc. last year, and in the last 3 days, 5 players and 1 staff member have been confirmed to be infected. ..