There is an emergency as the steroid injections, which are commonly used by professional baseball players for the treatment of inflammation, have been banned from this year.

The baseball world is appealing for permission at the level of the United States and Japan.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.


Professional baseball players who run with chronic inflammation from playing every day have been treated with glucocorticoid injections until last year.

'Glucocorticoids' are steroid drugs widely used to treat inflammation.

However, as the International Anti-Doping Agency designated glucocorticoids as banned substances starting this year, the Korea Anti-Doping Agency (KADA) also banned the use of glucocorticoids in domestic professional sports during the season.

In professional baseball, which started less than a month ago, the number of injured players skyrocketed, and there was an emergency.

LG Hong Chang-gi missed the first 7 games due to back pain, and aces with frequent shoulder pain such as Doosan Miranda and LG Lim Chan-gyu are struggling.

In the case of Hanwha, two foreign pitchers and finalist Jung Woo-ram could not receive injection treatment, so the absence is getting longer.

Initially, KADA said that it would allow it for therapeutic purposes, but so far, all athletes who have applied for use for joint pain treatment have been rejected.

[Pitcher Jung Woo-Ram/Hanwha Pitcher: I applied (application for treatment) once, but I was rejected, so I am trying to apply again, but I think it will be difficult not only for me but for all the players.]

[Kim Yong-il / LG Coach / President of the Korea Athletes Trainers Association: Even when players are removed from the injured list, there must be a minimum measure for injection treatment.]

Major League Baseball and Japanese professional baseball, which operate independently anti-doping systems, are still using glucocorticoids. use is permitted.

Although the KBO recently suggested that the use be allowed at the level of the United States and Japan, KADA is in the position that it is difficult to solve the problem promptly, saying that the related laws should be overhauled.

The entire baseball world, including the Players' Association, urged quick measures, saying that if this continues, the damage will grow like a snowball.

(Video editing: Nam Il)