Zhangjiakou promotes sustainable use of Winter Olympic venues

  With the closing of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games, how to promote the sustainable use of venues in the post-Winter Olympics era in Zhangjiakou Division, one of the main venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games snow sports?

  The Zhangjiakou competition area of ​​the Beijing Winter Olympics has 4 competition venues including Genting Ski Park, National Ski Jumping Center, National Cross-Country Skiing Center, and National Biathlon Center, as well as 5 non-competitive venues including Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village).

The reporter learned from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the Zhangjiakou Sports Bureau that for post-competition use, the "three games and one village" in these venues ("three games" are ski jumping, cross-country skiing and biathlon, " "One Village" refers to the Winter Olympic Athlete's Village) will be permanently preserved as the Olympic heritage and become the Olympic Park, and the Genting Ski Park will continue to be open to the public.

  According to the person in charge of Zhangjiakou Municipal Sports Bureau, after the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Zhangjiakou ice and snow competition venues have reached the world's top level, with complete competition equipment and equipment, completely benchmarking against all types of competitions at all levels, and the reserve of competition personnel is sufficient. , to meet the needs of the event organization, the event service and the guarantee system of various business fields are becoming mature.

In the future, the local area will use the venues to hold high-end events, continue to apply for holding international and intercontinental comprehensive ice and snow events, and at the same time will hold individual World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, points competitions and other events in due course, forming the normalization of high-end events.

  Regarding the issue of how to allow the general public to fully enjoy the Winter Olympics heritage, the person in charge told reporters that as early as the planning and preparation stage, it was clear that the venues in the Zhangjiakou competition area would be used after the competition to achieve four-season operation. Taking all aspects into consideration to achieve sustainable development.

  The National Ski Jumping Center "Xue Ruyi" will use various methods to do post-competition operations.

The slide part will retain the original skiing function in winter, and can provide services related to events and professional training.

For ski jumping enthusiasts, "Xue Ruyi" will hold ski jumping demonstrations, training and experience, snow football, outdoor ice hockey and other ice and snow entertainment programs.

At the same time, it will also host high-standard ski jumping events and provide training grounds.

In addition, according to the structural characteristics of the entire platform, "Xue Ruyi" will be built into a special business tourism area integrating high-end conferences and leisure experiences after the competition.

  The cross-country skiing center will be built into a "mountain park" and an "outdoor ice entertainment center". It will take the existing site as the core and integrate the surrounding mountains, forests, grasslands and other resources to create a collection of mountaineering fitness, mountain biking, hiking, It is a mountain outdoor sports park that integrates grass skating and cliff climbing, and relies on the Olympic venues to carry out ice and snow activities to further improve people's enthusiasm for participating in ice and snow sports.

  The biathlon center will retain some functional rooms and tracks. In the snow season, training and ice and snow experience programs suitable for children's skiing will be set up. In summer, sports and leisure programs such as equestrianism, mountain biking, and mountain roller skating will be developed. Rock climbing, Zipline, grass skating and other entertainment.

The grandstand area will be developed into standard football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and other ball games to meet the diverse fitness needs of the masses.

The reporter learned that targeting young people will be a major feature of the biathlon center after the competition. It will focus on creating training and experience programs suitable for young people, guiding more young people to participate in ice and snow sports, and promoting regional economic development.

  The west side of the National Biathlon Center is "Xue Ruyi", the east side is the ancient Great Wall, and many routes pass through the birch forest.

"Whether it is skiing, or as a mountain bike track in the future, the public can gain a different sports experience and feel the rich Chinese style and the beauty of nature." The person in charge of the local sports department told reporters.

  In addition, the Olympic Park will also develop the summer snow training function of the Winter Olympic venues, organize and carry out events related to ice and snow sports skills in the non-snow season, and promote the extension of ice and snow sports to the four seasons.

  In the future, the local sports department will not only hold mass ice and snow activities such as ice and snow carnivals and happy ice and snow seasons, but also support schools, social training institutions and Olympic venues to cooperate with the Olympic venues, carry out ice and snow sports teaching activities, and create winter camps, ice and snow sports clubs, training bases and sports venues. Extracurricular activity center to promote the popularization and development of youth ice and snow sports.

In addition, relying on world-class venue facilities and supporting facilities such as physical training and rehabilitation physiotherapy, it will introduce a world-class ice and snow talent training system, and build the Olympic venues into an international ice and snow professional training base with leading technology and first-class facilities to speed up ice and snow sports. Construction of training system.

  These venues will promote the popularization of ice and snow sports among young people through the free experience of skiing at the Winter Olympics venues, organize skiing performances, mass skiing and other activities, broaden the audience of skiing events, and create an atmosphere of "knowing skiing, skiing, and love of skiing" for all people to participate.

  In the future Zhangjiakou Olympic Park, some Winter Olympics venues will be transformed into Olympic-themed museums, making them an important window for displaying the unique charm of Olympic culture and Chinese culture.

  At the same time, the local government of Zhangjiakou will vigorously develop the exhibition economy, actively hold international and domestic high-end forums and exhibitions, and create an international exchange platform with local characteristics and global influence.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhangjiakou Development and Reform Commission said: "Zhangjiakou will play the role of Olympic venues, build a high-level Chongli International Ice and Snow Sports Training Base, actively undertake major international and domestic ice and snow sports events, and strive to create a top brand event that serves the whole country and radiates the world. A gathering place to drive the development of diversified sports brand events and build a high-quality event system of 'professional events + original events'. Through this series of efforts, we will fully rely on the Olympic resources and strive to build the core area of ​​the Winter Olympics events into a A world-class tourist destination.”

(Reporter Wang Dong of this newspaper)