The Competitions Committee is subjecting its patrols to evaluation.. and the implementation of new strategies for development

The competitions of the various stages of the current season, which returned for the first time after an absence, due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the past two years, have ended, and the competitions of the various age groups this year witnessed great organizational and administrative work, both on the part of the clubs that made a double effort. In order to preserve its talents from different age groups, or through the work of the Competitions Committee and the Football Association, to ensure success for those stages, which was the interest in providing everything necessary to help and support clubs, as well as the Committee’s interest in closely monitoring matches and competitions, in line with the Federation’s strategy to pay attention With talents in the age stages, and continuous communication with clubs, with the aim of rehabilitating them.

A press statement said: "The Competitions Committee of the Football Association, headed by Ahmed Youssef bin Darwish, member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Committee, is heading to implement a new strategy for development, by examining ways to develop competitions for the age groups, and subjecting all competitions to evaluation in general, especially the first, second and third degrees. The current season is a great work for the emergence of these three leagues and their launch in a manner that witnessed remarkable success.”

For his part, Saif Majed Al-Mansoori, member of the Board of Directors and Vice-Chairman of the Competitions Committee, praised the great effort made by the clubs in the current season, which ended with regard to the age groups that witnessed distinguished matches, presented many talents in many clubs, which were already monitored by the Committee.

He pointed out that the current season was very positive with regard to the age stages, and added: "The return of life to the age groups is a very important matter, especially since these matches provided distinguished talents that deserve to be followed, and there was great cooperation from all clubs, in all aspects, to make the leagues successful. The Sunni stages, which the committee closely followed, and we were interested in attending the matches, because the interest in national talents in those stages comes within the Federation’s strategy to build for the future.”

The Vice-Chairman of the Competitions Committee confirmed that the next stage will witness interest in evaluating all competitions, with the aim of identifying the positives and negatives of each competition separately, and thus the committee begins to search for ways to develop and enhance those positives, and strive to get rid of any negativity produced by the competition itself.

On the other hand, Saif Al-Mansoori praised the exceptional situation that the current season is witnessing, because it is the first time that the first and second and third divisions are being held, which is fully in line with the Federation’s strategy, which seeks to increase the competing clubs in the UAE football at its various levels, and said: This season is witnessing the arrival of our leagues to 3 competitive degrees, as well as an interest in investing in Emirati football, through the experience of Zamalek club, which has established a team that is currently competing in the third division, and we will certainly look in the future for ways to enhance attracting similar sports investments, and we will also seek To attract large public clubs in the Arab world, to have branches in our leagues at the lowest levels, which will benefit in the long run for each of those tournaments.”

Al-Mansoori touched on the development of the technical level of the first division this year, and added: “We noticed a great technical and administrative development in the first division. For the first time in its history, they are all positives that reflect the strength of the competition and the heat of competition between its clubs.”

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