The ranking of the sumo wrestling summer place to be held next month was announced, and Wakatakakage Sekiwake, who won the championship for the first time in the spring place, attended the press conference and said, "I want to put out my sumo wrestling and finish 15 days." Said.

Wakatakakage won the championship for the first time by winning the championship deciding match with Takayasu with a record of 12 wins and 3 losses due to the harsh attack from a low position in the spring place of last month at Shin Sekiwake.

Wakatakakage sat on the eastern Sekiwake for two consecutive places in the summer place ranking announced on the 25th, and attended an online press conference on the 25th.

About a month after the victory, when asked about his feelings again, he said, "When I visited my hometown of Fukushima Prefecture or walked outside, I was asked to say" Congratulations. " rice field.

For the summer place, he resumed training about a week after the victory, and he said, "As usual, I am conscious of the attack from the bottom and the sumo wrestling to go forward from the bottom anyway." I talked about the adjustments.

He said to the summer place, "It is important to stack up your sumo wrestling the most. I want to put out my sumo wrestling from below and finish 15 days."

The summer place will be the first day at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo on the 8th of next month.