SC Bastia and Paris FC clashed at Armand-Cesari for the 35th day of Ligue 2. By winning the match 2 to 1, SC Bastia successfully met.

Guidi didn't make a gift today.

He ends the match with a double.

The Bastia team played in a rather attacking 3-5-2, a system chosen by Brouard, while Laurey chose a balanced 4-2-3-1 with Caddy in the lead.

The first goal of this meeting was scored by Guidi on a service from Salles Lamonge in the 15th minute.

He reiterated in the 46th: with one goal in quick succession, he will have scored the match.

Finally, in the 81st, Name scored the final goal of the match, in favor of Paris FC.

Sainati was warned, as well as Guilavogui and Camara.

The 12th place in the ranking is now occupied by Bastia who, by gaining 2 places following his victory, takes the lead over Dijon.

This defeat dropped Paris FC to 5th position, behind Sochaux.

 Bastia and Paris FC: the next matches 

For its next match, SC Bastia will face Sochaux at the Auguste-Bonal stadium on April 30 at 7 p.m. for the next day.

For its part, Paris FC will meet VAFC on the same day at exactly the same time, at the Charléty stadium.

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 The match in brief: line-ups, goals and refereeing 

Bastia - Paris FC: 2-1 (2-0 at halftime)

Armand-Cesari, April 22, kick-off at 9 p.m.

Paris FC coach: Thierry Laurey

Composition of Paris FC: Vincent Demarconnay (1), Samir Chergui (31), Axel Bamba (15) [then Maxime Bernauer in 87th], Jaouen Hadjam (3) [then Florent Hanin in 46th], Mahamé Siby (23) , Warren Caddy (22) [then Migouel Alfarela at 46th], Morgan Guilavogui (21), Cyril Mandouki (14) [then Julien Lopez at 46th], Jonathan Iglesias (10) [then Moustapha Name at 46th], Ousmane Camara (4), Khalid Boutaib (13)

Bastia coach: Régis Brouard

Composition of Bastia: Zacharie Boucher (1), Joris Sainati (28), Lloyd Palun (23), Dominique Guidi (6), Kylian Kaiboue (20), Amine Talal (14) [then Chaouki Ben Saada in the 86th], Sébastien Salles Lamonge (10) [then Anthony Roncaglia in 93rd], Kevin Schur (8), Christophe Vincent (7), Franck Magri (11) [then Anthony Robic in 71st], Benjamin Santelli (9) 

Goals: Guidi (15th), Guidi (46th), Name (81st)

Warnings: Sainati (39th) for Bastia, Camara (55th), Guilavogui (69th) for Paris FC

No players expelled

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