The world's premier competition for action sports, "X Games," will open for the first time in Japan, and Tokyo Olympic medalists such as skateboarders Sakura Yosozumi and Kaishinna will showcase their world-class skills. bottom.

At the X Games Chiba Tournament held at "ZOZO Marine Stadium" in Chiba City from the 22nd to the 3rd, there will be 10 events in total, including 3 competitions of skateboarding and bicycle BMX, and motocross freestyle "MotoX". It is done.

On the 22nd, the second skateboarding women's qualifying round was held, and five Japanese players participated in the "Park" where they competed for skills on a mortar-shaped course.

In the qualifying, the 40-second "run" was skated twice and the ranking was competed by the one with the highest evaluation. With no mistakes such as deciding, I was ranked 1st in the qualifying and decided to advance to the final.

In addition, Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Sakura Yosozumi showed a skillful trick using the edge of the course in the first run and advanced to the final in 2nd place in the qualifying.

15-year-old Yumeumi Oda ranked first in the women's qualifying for "Street" competing for skills on a course with stairs and handrails, and 16-year-old Funa Nakayama ranked second in this event's Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist. I entered and decided to advance to the final.

On the other hand, at the BMX Park for bicycles, 20-year-old Rim Nakamura, who participated in the Tokyo Olympics, advanced to the final in 1st place in the qualifying.

On the 23rd, in addition to the finals of the women's skateboarding park and BMX park, qualifying for the men's skateboarding street will be held.

Opening the final advance "Determine all your skills and win medals"

Kaishinna, who was first in the qualifying at the Skateboarding Women's Park, said, "I thought everyone would support me and I had a lot of fun. I want to decide all my skills and win a medal. "

Yosozumi, 2nd in qualifying, "I want Japanese people to be happy"

In addition, Sakura Yosozumi, who was second in qualifying, said, "I was able to skate with no mistakes in the first time, and the air was high. I thought it was about 5th because I emphasized stability, but I was in 2nd. I was surprised at the result. It's the first X Games to be held in Japan, so I want Japanese people to be happy with a satisfying slide. "

Oda "Gold medal in the final" Nakayama "I want to show the trick I want to succeed"

Yumeumi Oda, who finished first in the skateboarding women's street qualifying, said, "I'm glad I succeeded in the technique I wanted to decide. ..

In addition, Kaede Nakayama, who finished second in the qualifying, said, "I was impatient in the first time, and the last technique was dangerous in the second time, so I would like to make adjustments. I was so happy. I had a different feeling of tension from the slippery mindset of the Olympics. In the final, I want to succeed in the trick I want to show. "

Nakamura "The final will challenge a higher level of skill"

Rim Nakamura, who was No. 1 in the qualifying at the BMX park for bicycles, said, "I think that the members who are participating are higher in level than the Olympics, so I put out everything from the qualifying and was the first place in the result. More in the final. I wish I could challenge and decide on a higher level skill. I want to do my best to win and see everyone's smiles. "