China News Agency, Beijing, April 19th. On the 19th, Beijing time, Chinese women's ranking player Zhu Ting posted a photo of her watching the Barcelona Open on her personal social platform.

In the photo, Zhu Ting has a relaxed expression, wearing a simple elastic wristband on the injured side of the wrist, and it seems that he is recovering well after the operation.

  Zhu Ting is the main player of the Chinese women's volleyball team. She helped the Chinese women's volleyball team win the 2015 World Cup, the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2019 World Cup.

However, during the Tokyo Olympics cycle, Zhu Ting continued to suffer from wrist injuries.

Especially in the Tokyo Olympics, affected by the wrist injury, her state was obviously not at the best.

  In the latest set of photos released, Zhu Ting not only watched the game in the front row of the stands, but also took a photo with Norwegian tennis star Rude. She looked relaxed and recovered well after surgery.

  On April 6, Zhu Ting also posted on social media, "Surgery-gypsum board-large protective gear-small protective gear. Focus on recovery and feel progress."

It was revealed that she had undergone wrist surgery and is currently recovering.

  A few days ago, the Chinese women's volleyball team announced the new training list, led by the new head coach Cai Bin.

However, due to injuries, Zhu Ting missed this training session.

Also absent from the training camp due to injury is the main attacker Zhang Changning.

  This year, the Chinese women's volleyball team has many tasks to prepare for, including the Women's Volleyball World Championships and the Hangzhou Asian Games. Zhu Ting is also expected to join the Chinese women's volleyball team after recovering from her injury.