Guangdong Hongyuan bid farewell to the season, and many teams have risen in strength

  A group of heroes rises together, and the CBA dynasty changes

  Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Huang Wei

  As Guangdong Hongyuan stopped in the top four and missed the dream of defending the title, the "Guangdong Dynasty", which had won three consecutive championships before, did show a decline; and as the strength of its competitors increased and the running-in deepened, the era of competition for hegemony will also come in the future.

Last night, Zhejiang Guangsha narrowly defeated the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team 103-100, thus defeating the opponent with a total score of 3-0, and joining the Liaoning Men's Basketball Team in the finals - this is also the reunion of Liaoning and Guangsha after the 2017~2018 season. finals.

Judging from the current situation, the Liaoning men's basketball team is the most "new king" team.

  Missing the finals is the "end of a dynasty"?

  In the face of Guangdong Hongyuan's report card this season, Guangdong Hongyuan coach Du Feng made a summary: "Actually, we did not lose. I am very satisfied with the hard work of the players. I am very grateful and moved." Du Feng said.

  Indeed, Guangdong Hongyuan has had a difficult season this season.

Du Feng said: "The team's personnel are not neat this season, and the players are fighting very well. In the first two stages, the personnel were stretched, and the performance in the third stage also fluctuated. The team has many problems such as injuries and fatigue, but the players are in We worked very hard in the playoffs, and we played 3 games against Liaoning in the semi-finals, and we performed better each time."

  Outside analysts also believe that Guangdong Hongyuan has achieved this year's results, which is already very good. This team has played energetically, and they should not be criticized; and this year's lack of a championship may be an opportunity.

  "Hongyuan was not in touch. It was a very good result to be able to reach the top 4 this year and beat Zhejiang 2-0 in the quarter-finals." Su Qun, a basketball commentator, said: "Guangdong team Last year, I was able to win the championship without Yi Jianlian, which is quite solid. Yi Jianlian returned from a serious injury this year, but this year, due to special reasons such as the epidemic, it was not easy to select foreign players, and the team was under great pressure on the inside. Now Hongyuan has a large reserve of outside players. Good, but right now there is a mismatch between the inside and the outside."

  Guan Xin, a basketball reporter from Guangdong TV Sports Channel who has been covering Guangdong Hongyuan for 20 years, believes that the team has been able to reach the semifinals for 19 consecutive years, which is not easy for the Guangdong team, which has been fluctuating and uneven this season. : "Guangdong is the only team that can beat the competition. Eliminating the Zhejiang men's basketball team reflects the team's heritage. But as the defending champion, we must admit that we have a place to go backwards, but we must also admit that other teams are constantly improving. In order to The goal of the championship continues to strengthen.”

  Su Qun believes that Guangdong Hongyuan needs to strengthen the team's shortcomings, and the recent work is to find excellent inside players.

"In the future, when the Guangdong team is looking for foreign aid in the interior, it will look for an excellent No. 5 and a big center. But in the long run, due to the complicated epidemic situation and restrictions on foreign aid in four quarters and four times, more local forces must be considered. ; On the one hand, we must introduce insiders, and on the other hand, we must hurry up and cultivate young insiders."

  Guan Xin believes that things must be viewed from two sides. He believes that this year is an opportunity for Guangdong Hongyuan to seek change.

"No championship this season may be an opportunity for the team to patiently exercise and replace the interior striker without the pressure of public opinion and championships for the time being." Guan Xin also gave advice on the selection of foreign aid: "I personally think that it is no longer possible to match double-small foreign aid. When the young insiders have not yet grown, there is a 4th foreign aid that can protect the frame and has a medium and long-range range. Guangdong should need it."

  Not to mention the concept of "dynasty change", after Guangdong Hongyuan won the 8th championship in 2013, it missed the championship for 5 consecutive seasons. Although it did not get involved in the championship during this period, the team's heritage and tradition have always been there. Every year Have never missed the top 4, which no team can do.

Perhaps the ability to accumulate energy in the trough is also the foundation of the "Dynasty" team.

  The most "new king" temperament also depends on the Liaoning basket

  Although the symbolic meaning of the concept of "dynasty" may be greater than the actual meaning, competitive sports, the team that is finally "king" is undoubtedly the strongest team.

This season, the CBA team has emerged together. In addition to the Liaoning and Guangdong teams, which are veteran strong teams in the CBA, the Guangsha and Shanghai teams have also played stably and brilliantly this season.

But when it comes to which team has the most "new king" atmosphere this season, there is no doubt that it is the Liaoning men's basketball team.

  Not to mention the excellent tradition of the Liaoning men's basketball team that has produced numerous sports talents, take the CBA as an example. They have entered the finals 9 times before, and this year is their 10th time to reach the stage of the CBA finals.

In the first two seasons, the Liaoning team has always had a stable and growing lineup.

Losing the championship to Hongyuan last year, the Liaoning team actually has the reason for the incomplete lineup.

Fu Hao, who played an important role this year, only played 21 games last year and has yet to form a tacit understanding with his teammates. Similarly, Fergie, who played 36 games this season and averaged 18.7 points per game, only played 11 games last season. The game did not fully understand the Liaoning team's system.

And Zhang Zhenlin, who shined on the field this year, did not perform as calmly last season as this season. Zhang Zhenlin's performance in key games this season has made people see some future "superstar" momentum.

What's more worth mentioning is that the team's coach Yang Ming only spent his "rookie season" as a coach last season. After more than a year of tempering, his on-the-spot command and communication with the players And scheduling is significantly more comfortable.

  After the semifinals, the Liaoning men's basketball team won 32 of 38 games and lost a total of 6 games, averaging 106.4 points, 47.8 rebounds, 25 assists, 10.9 steals and 3.8 blocks per game.

The shooting percentage was 47.5% for the Liaoning basket and 36.5% for the three-pointer.

These data are undoubtedly at the forefront of the league.

  Whether it is against Guangsha or Shanghai, their record in the regular season also has an advantage-Guangsha was double-killed by Liaoning. In the game, the Liaoning team won the Shanghai team by 20 points.

  In terms of absolute strength, the Liaoning men's basketball team is undoubtedly the team with the greatest hope of winning the championship in this season's finals.

  The increasingly fierce competition is a good thing for the CBA, and the league is even more exciting.