• Chronicle Real Madrid takes a breath before its moment of truth

The inexplicable moment of Real Madrid has experienced its most unusual episode this Sunday and, surely, not the last.

If last week

Pablo Laso

was blunt about the situation of

Thomas Heurtel and Trey Thompkins

, in the press conference after the victory against the Breogán River he surprisingly updated his 'punishment': "I hope they join the team and make us stronger ".

The public pardon came after both players were present at the WiZink, in street clothes, at the end of the bench.

And just a few days before the Whites play for a spot in the Final Four in the quarter-final series against Maccabi.

The previous Friday, Laso had been so clear that everything seemed settled: "They no longer train with the team, it's my decision and it's final."

The cause was the alleged party night that both players staged in Athens before the Euroleague match against Panathinaikos and in which, according to the Greek press, they were accompanied by


(also sanctioned by the club).

"I have full confidence in the rest, I have quite a few problems with the team. I believe that the 13 remaining players can get the best of them from here to the end of the season and we are going to be the team we want to be," the coach assured last Saturday, in the previous clash against Barça.

The schism, in the midst of the longest losing streak in memory in the Laso era, has had an unexpected next chapter.

A step back from Laso, who left all the doors open for the two players.

Also an ambiguous message, since there was never an official communication about the internal sanction against Heurtel and Thompkins.

"They're not out of the team. They're doing a specific job. They've come to support their teammates and I'm glad, but they're working out. When we reinstate them, we'll see if they come back or not."

"They have been doing specific work and for me they are part of the team. Like


, whom I hope to get back on Wednesday, or Hanga who had a physical problem. Everyone has to do a specific job", concluded the Madrid coach.

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