Learn about the salary of Ihab Galal, the coach of the Egyptian national team, which did not exceed one million pounds

The echoes of the appointment of Egyptian coach Ihab Jalal to lead the Egyptian team to succeed Portuguese coach Queiroz are still in the Egyptian street, as the Football Association did not hold a press conference to announce the reason for choosing the coach or the reason for dismissing the Portuguese coach Queiroz, until the Vice President of the Egyptian Football Association, Khaled Al-Darandali, spoke about Several sports issues related to this topic during a statement on "On Sport FM" radio, Egypt.

Al-Dardali confirmed that the Portuguese coach, Queiroz, was not comfortable staying in Egypt because of his father’s illness, aged 99, and he was tired, and the coach wanted to stay by his side. He played friendly matches and we offered him everything he needed, but in the end he did not continue."

Al-Darandali revealed new information about the coach, where he said: “Queiroz was very worried in the African Nations Cup because his granddaughter was suspected of having a benign disease, and all of this made him feel alienated from his family, there was no difference about the money and he was supposed to complete Held until December.

He stressed that coach Queiroz did not want any of his assistants to leave the Egyptian national team, and about appointing Ihab Galal, the new coach of the Egyptian team, he said: “The audience was divided between the coach, whether he was Egyptian or foreign, and some of them thought that the foreigner would cost us a lot. Although the cost is not the reason because the state provided us with all the capabilities, and there are those who say that the appointment of an Egyptian coach was under our directives, and this is not true because the decision was issued by the Board of Directors of the Football Association and our point of view is to contract with someone who knows the players because the competent coaches are actually contracted with teams Therefore, it is easier and faster to have an Egyptian coach.”

Al-Dardali revealed the contract of the new coach, Ihab Jalal, where he confirmed that he did not exceed one million pounds per month and receives less than what he was receiving in Pyramids, and he sacrificed a large amount, noting that the coach is committed to two matches with Pyramids in the Confederation against Mazembe and will take charge after them.

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