• Three days after its debacle against West Ham (0-3), Olympique Lyonnais was able to react in Ligue 1 by atomizing the Girondins de Bordeaux (6-1) this Sunday.

  • At the end of this match, Jean-Michel Aulas appeared in front of the media to announce his desire to keep Peter Bosz on the OL bench next season.

  • L'Equipe

    announced on Saturday contacts between the Lyon club and Julian Stéphan, which the Strasbourg coach and JMA formally denied on Sunday.

At OL Park,

“Congratulations to the coach, and I'll say it again: he will be with us next season.

“As much as we could anticipate a large part of Jean-Michel Aulas’ long post-match tirade this Sunday in front of the media, we did not see him almost formalizing the maintenance of Peter Bosz on the Lyon bench, beyond of a year without a title, and probably without a European Cup.

At the end of the demonstration against Bordeaux (6-1), the president of OL nevertheless wanted to affirm his confidence in the Dutch coach, with even more insistence than during the press conference on Friday, held in its ratings.

In the aftermath of the sinking against West Ham (0-3), JMA had already clearly shown itself more inclined than its director of football to project itself on the continuation of the adventure with Peter Bosz, under contract until 2022. clearly, Vincent Ponsot is with a view to taking stock after the 38th day of Ligue 1, and we understand implicitly that a lack of European qualification would be almost prohibitive in his mind.

This would not be the case for Jean-Michel Aulas, according to this outing of the day, which came without even a question on the subject.

“How could we imagine that we will distort the competition?


It remains to be seen whether on the evening of May 21, when Lyon would still occupy this 8th place, this speech will not have evolved... "There is no need to put in the press that I tried to recruit other coaches, ”said Aulas in passing.

At the microphone of OL Play, it was much more explicit this Sunday, referring to the choice of Julien Stéphan, mentioned on Saturday by



“I read that we were in the process of choosing another coach who is in a club, Strasbourg, while I have very good relations with its president, he confided.

How could we imagine that we will distort the competition by trying to poach an opposing coach?


🎙 Julien Stéphan - “Strasbourg is not a doormat you can trample on like that.


The muscular focus of the Strasbourg coach on the rumors sending him to Lyon.

#ESTACRCSA #Ligue1UberEats pic.twitter.com/P88L78EYhG

— Prime Video Sport France (@PVSportFR) April 17, 2022

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A few hours earlier, Julien Stéphan himself returned this Sunday for Prime Video on this possible Lyon approach concerning him: “I do not control what Lyon wants to do in the future.

But it is false, I did not give my consent.

It is a lack of respect for the Strasbourg club and the coach in place in Lyon.

Strasbourg is not a doormat that can be trampled on like that.

My only ambition by the end of the season compared to Lyon is to leave this club behind us, which would be an incredible achievement”.

Imagining Peter Bosz staying in post in Lyon would be more surprising than seeing Racing (5th) beat OL (8th) in the race for Europe, wouldn't it?

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