Last year, Ichiro Suzuki, who was inducted into the baseball team's Hall of Fame in the Major League Baseball Mariners, held the opening ceremony at the opening game of the team's home base and threw a fastball low to make the stadium boil.

Mr. Ichiro, who retired from active duty in 2019, is now an instructor at the Mariners and continues to support the practice of athletes.

The total of 2542 hits and 438 stolen bases recorded by Mr. Ichiro during the Mariners era are still the team record, and in November last year, he was the first Japanese player to be selected as the team's hall of the team. Mr. Ichiro served as the opening ceremony in the opening game of the base against Astros.

48-year-old Ichiro appeared on the ground with the familiar "51" number, and threw a sharp fastball from the mound in a dynamic form, and the stadium was wrapped in loud cheers and applause.

The opening ceremony catcher made his debut in the major leagues this season, and Ichiro is a 21-year-old outfielder Julio Rodriguez who is usually playing catch. Was showing a big smile.

A ceremony to commemorate Mr. Ichiro's entry into the National Baseball Hall of Fame is scheduled for the Guardians on August 27, and in 2025, five years after his retirement, he will be the first Japanese player to play American baseball. It is definitely seen as being inducted into the Hall of Fame.