In the women's basketball W league, the first round of the playoff final was held, and Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which is aiming for the second straight victory, won the championship with a come-from-behind victory over Fujitsu.

In the W League final, where the team that won the first two wins won, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which aims to win the second consecutive title in the regular season, and Fujitsu, which aims to win the championship in the fifth place in the regular season for the first time in 14 years, played against each other.

The representative players played an active part in the final, which was the face-to-face meeting of both teams with a total of 9 players, including the 5-man system and 3x3 representative players who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

In the match, Fujitsu scored 41 to 31 with the sharp drive of Mio Shinozaki, the Japanese national team of the Tokyo Olympics 3x3 from the first quarter, and the cooperative play of Rui Machida and Yuki Miyazawa, who were also active as command towers in the Japanese national team. I folded the first half.

On the other hand, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. caught up with an attack that made use of Evelyn Mawuli's height in the second half, and in the 4th quarter, which was led by 7 points, 3x3 Tokyo 2020 representative Mai Yamamoto tied the score with a three-point shot. Catch up.

Then, with less than two minutes remaining, Yamamoto again scored a three-point shot in the reverse direction, and in the end he won a close battle with 74 to 69 and took the check for consecutive championships.

Yamamoto, who scored 15 points, said, "I'm glad I tried to play ourselves in the second half and was able to put it out at the very end. I want to prepare for the next game so that we can proceed with our game from the beginning."

Round 2 of the playoff final will take place on the 17th.