Following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, Yasuhiro Yamashita, chairman of the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee and All Japan Judo Federation, said on his homepage that "it is against the spirit of judo. It is unacceptable." Has been announced.

On the 11th, Mr. Yamashita released a statement entitled "To the people of Ukraine and to those who love judo all over the world" on his homepage.

In this, Mr. Yamashita said, "I have been hurt to hear the news of the inhumane acts in Ukraine and the invasion of the Russian army by the judoka President Putin. These acts are for the spirit and purpose of judo. It's completely contrary. It's totally unacceptable, "he criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On top of that, as a judoka, Mr. Yamashita said, "I hope that the people of Ukraine and those who love judo all over the world will feel deep sadness and stop stupid acts as soon as possible." It's spelled out.