Ronaldo apologizes after smashing the phone of a fan with autism and in his first match .. and "Liverpool" enters the line

English media reported yesterday, including the “Daily Mail”, that Manchester United star, Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo, apologized to the young Everton fan, after he caused his mobile phone to be smashed while he was leaving the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms, following a 1-0 loss from Everton in the English Premier League.

Ronaldo said through his account on “Facebook” that he did not feel himself due to the great psychological pressure from the fans on him and the conditions of the match, so he smashed the fan’s phone, and said that he apologized to him and invited him to a trip to attend a match for Manchester United at Old Trafford, the team’s stronghold. demons".

On the other hand, more information was revealed about the fan, as it turned out that he was 14 years old, and his name was Jacob, and his mother Sarah Kelly, who was with him during the match, confirmed that he suffers from "autism".

What makes the situation worse for Ronaldo, besides that he broke the phone of a young boy with autism, that it was the first match he attended in his life, as indicated by his mother.

And who said that Ronaldo grabbed the phone from her son and scratched his hand.

And she said in response that her son provoked Ronaldo by placing the phone in front of his face, and she explained: "No, he did not put it in front of his face, he was waving at him, but in the end he is a young boy with autism, and Ronaldo attacked him with a behavior that is inappropriate for a world star in football."

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