Gosuke Katoh of the Blue Jays, a major league baseball player, was demoted to a minor league baseball team on the 10th.

Kato, a 27-year-old from California, was nominated by the Yankees for the second round at the 2013 Draft Conference, and was promoted to the Major League Baseball for the first time in the Blue Jays in his tenth year as a professional.

Kato, who was the first Japanese fielder to enter the major leagues without experiencing Japanese professional baseball, was appointed as a substitute runner in the Rangers match held in his hometown of Toronto, Canada on the 9th.

However, Kato will be demoted to the minor league under the umbrella because the same left-handed Bradley Zimmer, who joined the Blue Jays by trading from the Guardians on the 8th, entered the 28-person limit that can enter the bench in the major leagues. became.

Kato was demoted the day after he made his major league debut, but since he is still in the 40-player limit of the major league contract, he will aim to be promoted again depending on the injuries to the team or his success in the minors. Will be.

Montoyo "He'll be back again"

Blue Jays coach Montoyo said of Kato, who had been demoted to a minor, "I had to take action for Zimmer today, but what I can say about Kato is that he will be back again. He is my favorite player who can play in various positions, and I couldn't stand at bat this time, but I'll be back again. "