Major League Baseball starts on the 8th of Japan time.

The Angels, whose first pitcher Shohei Ohtani will be the opening pitcher, will play against the Astros after 11:00 am.

The starting pitcher has been announced, and Otani will apply the rules newly introduced from this season and will participate as the "starting pitcher and first designated hitter" for the first time in history.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

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Astros | ―――― | ―――― | ―――― | ――

Angels | ―――― |

<Starter member>

[Astros] (First strike)

No. 1 Second: Artube

No. 2 Designated hitter: Brantley

No. 3 Third: Bregman

No. 4 Left: Alvarez

No. 5 First: Griel

No. 6 Right: Tucker

No. 7 Short: Penha

No. 8 Center: McCormick

No. 9 Catcher: Maldonado

Starting pitcher: Valdes

[Angels] (second attack)

No. 1 Designated hitter: Otani

No. 2 Center: Trout

No. 3 Third: Lendon

No. 4 Second: Duffy

No. 5 Left: Adele

No. 6 First: Walsh

No. 7 Catcher: Stussy

8th Light: Marsh

9th Short: Fletcher

Starting Pitcher: Otani


The Angels will be headquartered in the opening round against the Astros, who won the American League last season.

Otani served as the opening pitcher for the first time in the fifth year of the major league, and applied the rule that the starting pitcher can also participate as a designated hitter, which was newly introduced this season, and became the first "starting pitcher and designated hitter" in history. I will participate.

Otani is scheduled to have about 90 balls in the opening game, but he can continue to play as a batter even after getting off the mound.

Otani had a batting average of 20% and 8 minutes as a batter in the open game, and made good adjustments as a pitcher by hitting three home runs. We are welcoming the opening.