What do you say about two of the biggest retiring after the season?

- It is a bit surprising and above all it will be a huge void after the two who have dominated cross-country skiing in recent years.

I probably thought that both would go another season, says Blomquist.

What does this mean for next season?

- It opens up great opportunities for young girls, yes all other girls, to be part of the fight for the yellow jersey and win great victories.

It's two giants that end at the same time.

Björgen has not given any information

What names will we keep track of next season?

- Ida Dahl has had a great season and is young and will probably be able to develop for many years.

Astrid Öyre Slind ended the season incredibly strong.

It is the two names that come up first and feel hottest.

What do you think about Marit Björgen who is 42 and has not said anything about the future?

- It is completely open to me.

If you compare with Britta and Lina, I had thought in advance that it was closer at hand that she said she would not go any more.

She likes it and rides well and it is possible that she rides another year.