More than a hundred journalists at the final training session on Wednesday morning.

There's a lot going on in Frankfurt these days - and this Thursday in particular.

The cracker against FC Barcelona is finally taking place (9 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Europa League and on RTL).

Finally, in the game of the century, Eintracht can show what they are made of and whether they can trip the big favorite.

Ralph Weitbrecht

sports editor.

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One thing is already certain for Oliver Glasner: "We will definitely experience a wonderful European Cup evening." Not only for most of his players, but also for the Eintracht coach himself, the quarter-finals against Barça is the biggest game of his life so far.

"Barcelona is a myth," said Glasner on Wednesday a few hours after the final training session, where the same picture was presented in the catacombs of the arena as outside on practice area four: bulging rows.

“euphoria” before the game

Most of the 60 announced Spanish press representatives were already in the city, which seems to be upside down and is looking forward to the big game in the Europa League.

"The euphoria is huge," affirmed Sebastian Rode.

Once, seven years ago, Rode played against FC Barcelona in the semi-finals of the Champions League in the kit of his then club FC Bayern Munich.

Now the reunion in the Europa League, and as so often, the man from Bergstraße does not know whether his playful services are in demand from start to finish.

Rode's big Achilles' heel is his general susceptibility to injury, which keeps throwing him back and hindering him.

He is fit for the showdown with the Catalans.

His coach knows he can rely on his leader 100%.

"It doesn't matter whether it's for one minute or 45: I'll be there when I'm needed."

One like Rode with a sense of order, understanding of the game and fighting power is always needed at Eintracht.

Nevertheless, it may be that Glasner trusts the well-rehearsed starting eleven, which has been in demand in the past few weeks in an unchanged line-up.

"We have a huge task waiting for us," said Rode to get in the mood for the game, "which will also be a highlight of my career for me." Rode trusts Glasner and his selection of personnel.

"Sow and Jakic did an excellent job recently," the captain praised fairly and selflessly for the performance of his immediate rivals in the so-called sixth position.

At the front in the storm, especially when looking at the opponent, Pedri has come into focus.

The 19-year-old whirlwind, whose real name is Pedro González López, was Barça's match-winner when he scored the winning goal in the 1-0 win against Sevilla.

But Pedri is more, much more than just the man for a game.

Eintracht coach Glasner is enthusiastic about his skills.

"Homogeneous Unit"

"He's one of the greatest talents in Spanish football," enthused Glasner on Wednesday.

"He fits perfectly into the Barça system with the 4-3-3.

The future of Spanish and European football belongs to him.” They don't have someone like Pedri at Eintracht.

With the Frankfurters, it is above all the collective with which the club knows how to score.

Glasner emphasized this again and especially in preparation for the cracker against Barça.

"We are a homogeneous, well-equipped unit."

The Eintracht coach didn't do anything significantly different in the preparations for the game.

He meticulously analyzed the enemy's tactical and personal subtleties and had his people process them visually.

The Eintracht pros know what to expect from the ball-safe Spaniards.

But they don't let the dominance and superiority drive them crazy.

On the contrary.

"We don't want to defend the last 30 meters for 90 minutes," said the Austrian football coach.

Play along cheerfully, don't freeze in awe: Eintracht wants to see what's possible against Barcelona.

Glasner described it this way: “We let the horses run where they want to run.

But we won't let them get away with it.

It must not get wild.”

Special game, special promotions

It's supposed to be great.

Sporty, atmospheric - and in general.

Captain Rode has already heard the signals that this special game requires special actions.

So it is taken for granted that the fans will show a great choreography.

The eyes in the stadium will be on it before the game starts as well as in front of the television.

From the broadcaster RTL it can be heard that an audience rating of a good five million viewers is expected.

An absolute top value in club football, which underlines: Eintracht has developed into a brand in the Europa League.

"The club, the team, the city, the fans: we deserve this game," said Eintracht coach Glasner.

"We're in the quarter-finals in Europe and we hope it won't be over after that." Rode said: "A lot has to come together for us to become a threat to Barcelona." His hope: the team would "create one or two chances, and then we have to use it ice-cold”.

For Rode, the game of the century against Barcelona is also a reunion with his former Dortmund teammate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

"Auba is positively crazy," said the Frankfurt captain.

"He can be invisible for a long time, but then he suddenly appears in the box and scores the decisive goal." At Eintracht, they are counting on Aubameyang doing this in the Spanish league - but not this Thursday in the Europa League -cracker in Frankfurt.