LG, a professional baseball team, defeated Kiwoom and created a new wind of four consecutive opening victories.

Hyunsoo Kim led the victory with a home run in the final in extra time.

Byung-min Yoo.


LG made a 1-1 tie with Seo Geon-chang's 1-RBI sacrifice fly in the 6th inning amidst Joo-Young Son's 6 innings, 2 hits and 1 run.

And in the pouring rain of Sujin Ya, the game was led up to 11 extra innings.

At the moment when a goal was needed, Kim Hyeon-soo came to the rescue.

In the 11th two-out, he drew a solo arch over the right wall by pulling the fastball of Park Joo-seong from Kiwoom.

Closing Go Woo-seok kept the 11th inning without a score, and LG achieved a gradual victory over Kiwoom and sprinted for four consecutive opening victories.

SSG also beat KT to run its first four consecutive wins.

While starting Won-seok Oh showed a perfect throw with 3 hits and no runs in 6 innings, Han Yu-seom attacked KT starter Ko Young-pyo in the first inning and hit a 3-point home run in the final.

Samsung, whose main players left in large numbers due to symptoms of COVID-19, beat Doosan 7-1 and sprinted for three consecutive victories after one loss.

Samsung did not miss and scored every time Doosan Ya Sujin made four errors.

KIA dropped Hanwha to four straight opening losses by tying Chan-ho Park's two-run final blow and Na Seong-beom's just-in-time hit, while NC, with Park Gun-woo's three hits and two RBIs including the finale, reported their first win of the season after three straight losses.