China News Agency, Beijing, April 5th. The 2021-2022 season CBA playoffs will produce the top eight on the evening of the 5th. The top four of the regular season this season are Liaoning, Zhejiang Guangsha, Shanghai, Zhejiang Chouzhou and the first round of the playoffs. The four winning teams of the tournament, Guangdong, Jilin, Shenzhen and Shanxi, entered the quarter-finals of the next round.

  According to relevant rules, in the playoffs, the top four in the regular season will directly enter the quarterfinals.

The 5th-12th place competed for the other four quarter-finals in the first round.

In the first two rounds of the first round of the match, the Guangdong team, the Jilin team and the Shenzhen team all won two consecutive victories and advanced ahead of schedule.

The Guangzhou team and Shanxi team, which had a 1:1 draw in the first two games, had a "battle of life" on the evening of the 5th to decide the final destination of the last eight places. A group.

  In the regular season, the Guangzhou team and Shanxi team ranked eighth and ninth respectively, but their wins and winning percentages were exactly the same. They were the closest pair in terms of ranking and strength among the four groups of opponents in the first round of the playoffs.

In the first two rounds of the contest, the two sides were indeed evenly matched.

Shanxi team first won a good start 120:101, but lost 95:106 in the second round.

  In the battle of life and death in the third round, the Shanxi team controlled the rhythm of the field most of the time, leading 29:25 and 51:46 in the first and second quarters respectively.

  Although the Guangzhou team was in a backward position in the first half, the score gap between the two sides was not large, and the third quarter became the turning point of the campaign.

  At the beginning of the second half, the Guangzhou team fell into a nightmare, falling behind by 15 points at 13:28 in the third quarter, allowing the Shanxi team to expand the lead to 20 points (79:59).

In the fourth quarter, the Shanxi team became more and more brave, and the Guangzhou team's hope of chasing points was completely dashed. In the end, they lost with a big score of 93:114. They missed the chance to follow the Guangdong team and the Shenzhen team.

  In this campaign, foreign aid Jonathan Simmons, who played for the Liaoning team, became the biggest contributor to Shanxi's promotion. He scored a game-high 34 points and contributed 11 rebounds and 4 assists in 24 minutes of playing time.

In the quarter-finals, the Shanxi team's opponent is the regular season champion Liaoning team. As an abandoned player of the Liaoning men's basketball team, what kind of performance will Simmons show to prove that he is worth looking forward to.

  The Beijing Shougang Team, which ranked seventh in the regular season, was double-played by the tenth-place Jilin Team. For the first time in the past five seasons, it missed the quarterfinals of the playoffs, which broke the first upset of the playoffs this season.

The Shandong team, which has been controversial due to the change of coaches, has had a sluggish performance this season. It is expected that the Shenzhen team missed the quarterfinals with two losses.

The battle between the Guangdong team and the Tianjin team is the most suspenseful. Although the Tianjin team suffered a two-game losing streak, they have made a breakthrough this season, because this is the team's first time in nearly eight years and the second time in team history to advance to the playoffs.

  In the next quarter-finals, the Liaoning team and the Shanxi team, the Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent team and the Guangdong team, the Zhejiang Guangsha team and the Jilin team, and the Shanghai team and the Shenzhen team will fight against each other.

For these eight teams, the playoff test really begins.