2022 World Cup schedule .. "full dates and details"

International fans are eagerly awaiting the 2022 World Cup matches, scheduled to start on November 21, with the opening match between the Dutch and Senegalese teams, while the tournament continues until the final match on December 18.

The draw for the World Cup 2022 was withdrawn yesterday, Friday, and resulted in balanced groups with the participation of four Arab teams: Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and Qatar, the "host country."

"Emirates Today" monitors the group stage matches in the first round of the World Cup with dates and full details for each of the eight groups as follows:

The first group

(Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands)

November 21: Senegal x Netherlands 

November 21: Qatar x Ecuador

November 25: Qatar x Senegal

November 25: Netherlands x Ecuador

November 29: Netherlands x Qatar

November 29: Ecuador x Senegal

the second group

England, Iran, United States, (Wales, Scotland or Ukraine).

November 21: England x Iran

November 21: USA x Playoff winner

November 25: England x US

November 25: Playoff winner x Iran

November 29: Playoff winner x England

November 29: Iran x United States.

third group

(Argentina - Saudi Arabia - Mexico - Poland)

November 22: Argentina x Saudi Arabia

November 22: Mexico x Poland

November 26: Argentina x Mexico

November 26: Poland x Saudi Arabia

November 30: Poland x Argentina

November 30: Saudi Arabia x Mexico

Fourth group

France, Denmark, Tunisia, (UAE, Australia or Peru).

November 22: France x play-off winner

November 22: Denmark x Tunisia

November 26: France x Denmark

November 26: Tunisia x play-off winner

November 30: Tunisia x France

November 30: playoff winner x Denmark

Fifth group

Spain, Germany, Japan, (New Zealand or Costa Rica)

November 23: Spain x playoff winner

November 23: Germany x Japan

November 27: Spain x Germany

November 27: Japan x playoff winner

December 1: Japan x Spain

December 1: playoff winner x Germany

Sixth group

(Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia)

November 23: Belgium x Canada

November 23: Morocco x Croatia

November 27: Belgium x Morocco

November 27: Croatia x Canada

December 1: Croatia x Belgium

December 1: Canada x Morocco

Seventh group

(Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon)

November 24: Brazil x Serbia

November 24: Switzerland x Cameroon

November 28: Brazil x Switzerland

November 28: Cameroon x Serbia

December 2: Cameroon x Brazil

December 2: Serbia x Switzerland

Eighth group

(Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea)

November 24: Portugal x Ghana

November 24: Uruguay x South Korea

November 28: Portugal x Uruguay

November 28: South Korea x Ghana

December 2: South Korea x Portugal

December 2: Ghana x Uruguay

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