Professional baseball, Nippon Ham, played against Seibu at the Sapporo Dome and won 6 to 2 to win their first victory of the season.

Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo was also the first win as a director.

Nippon-Ham, who lost five games in a row from the opening, took the lead with a two-out first base to seventh baseman Daiki Asama, who shook the first pitcher of Seibu's starting pitcher Kaito Yoza and hit the first two-run home run.

Go Matsumoto, who made a hit on the third inning, expanded his chances by stealing, and then Kensuke Kondoh, who was third, hit a timely two-base hit on the light line and scored the third goal.

Starting pitcher Kazuaki Tateno had no runs until the 4th inning, but after carrying a runner with a dead ball and a hit in the 5th inning, he was hit by a double batter in a timely two-base and lost 2 points, 1 point behind Seibu. I was pressed.

However, in the case of Nippon-Ham, Go Matsumoto, who was second in the back, no-out first base and third base, struck a timely lead to widen the lead and added two points in the seventh inning.

Nippon-Ham won the first victory of the season with the middle reliever pitchers keeping no runs after the 6th inning and winning 6-2.

Director Shinjo was also the first win as a director.

"The back of the bench feels like winning the league."

Director Shinjo said that he had won his first victory of the season after losing five games in a row from the opening. I'm doing it. "

"The current Fighters are a team that grows day by day by accumulating experience, so there is not much awareness of winning or losing. However, I think the players are insanely happy. It is from here that they grow." Did.

On the other hand, starting pitcher Tateno said, "I will throw it so that the manager will not be hit" the day before the game, and became the winning pitcher with 2 goals in the 5th inning.

Director Shinjo said about pitcher Tateno, "I've been enthusiastic since yesterday, and the lines and coaches are very encouraging. I'm glad to show you even in pitching."

In the 9th inning, rookie Koki Kitayama pitched and ended the game with no runs despite being hit by two hits.

Director Shinjo said, "His ability is not a newcomer and he is courageous. I think he was nervous because it was different from the ball he was throwing at the camp today. I think he will get used to it and the batter I have a ball that can take a foul even if I think I will throw it straight, so I want you to throw it as if you were dancing on the mound without being nervous. "