The first candidate for the Japanese national team to participate in the World Cup of baseball under the age of 18 to be held in the United States in September was announced, and the most five people were selected from Osaka Toin High School who won the Senbatsu High School Baseball Championship. I did.

The World Cup for baseball under the age of 18 has been postponed since last year due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and is scheduled to be held in Florida, USA in September.

On the 31st, 29 Japanese national team players who will participate in the tournament were announced.

Of these, Osaka Toin, who won the championship in Senbatsu, was selected as the most five players, including pitcher Yusuke Maeda in the second grade and Shioon Matsuo in the third grade who played a central role in the batting line.

In addition, among the players who participated in Senbatsu, pitcher Yosho Yamada, the ace of Omi High School in Shiga, who won second place, and Ryo Tomita of Naruto High School in Tokushima, who lost the first round but smashed the Osaka Toin High School to 3 points. Ya pitcher was also selected.

The Takano Ren = Japan High School Baseball Federation will finally decide 20 representative players during the summer national high school baseball period.

Shiro Mabuchi, director of Meitoku Gijuku High School in Kochi, who is the director of the Japanese national team, said, "We aim to play baseball with a strong pitcher-centered defense to minimize goals and to score less chances with mobility and tricks." I have commented.