Senbatsu High School Baseball is the 9th day of the tournament.

On the 28th, four quarter-final games will be held, and the best four will be available.

1st match

In the first match, Urawa Gakuin in Saitama and Kyushu International University High School in Fukuoka will play against each other.

Urawa Gakuin pitched 16 innings in the first and second rounds, both of which were started by left-handed ace and pitcher Konan Miyagi.

It doesn't give a chance to get on with pitching that throws in at a good tempo ahead of the strike.

The batting line that advocates "super-attack baseball" is also powerful, hitting two home runs in this tournament.

On the other hand, Kyushu International University attached defeated Koryo High School in Hiroshima, which was the runner-up in the Meiji Jingu Tournament last fall in the second round.

Pitcher Kazuki Kasai of Ace has completed both of the two games so far, and has a sense of stability with three goals, and the support of the batting line seems to influence the whereabouts of the game.

2nd match

In the second match, Omi High School in Shiga and Konko Osaka High School will play against each other.

Omi suddenly took part in place of Kyoto International High School, who declined to participate due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but the captain, Ace, has won mainly by pitcher Haru Yamada.

In the second round, the 9th batter plays an active part with 3 hits and 3 RBIs, and his strength is the continuous hitting line.

Konko Osaka, who won Koshien's first victory in this tournament, showed his tenacity by winning the goodbye by regaining 3 points to the back while getting 2 points first in the 13th tiebreaker in the 2nd round.

3rd match

In the third match, Kokugakuin Kugayama High School in Tokyo and Seiryo High School in Ishikawa will play against each other.

Kokugakuin Kugayama scored the first goal in the second round, the fourth squeeze.

In addition, he skillfully used small tricks such as making 5 successful bunts to score points.

In the autumn tournament, four pitchers are pitching, and the timing of the pitcher relay is likely to be a point that determines the outcome.

In Hoshiryo, pitcher Margard Makoto Kian started the two games so far, and has created a game centered on a straight that exceeds 140 km at the fastest and a sharply curved changing ball.

In the second round, Ryonosuke Wakasa, who was No. 4, hit a home run, and the situation is improving.

4th match

In the fourth match, Municipal Wakayama High School and Osaka Toin High School, a candidate for victory, will play against each other.

Municipal Wakayama is paying attention to pitcher Tenba Yoneda, who throws a straight throw with a power of over 140 km, but he threw 153 balls in the first round and 141 balls in the second round on the 27th when he won the goodbye.

The key is how much power you can put out in a series of games.

Osaka Toin was a walkover in the second round because Hiroshima Commercial declined to participate in the tournament because of the spread of the new coronavirus infection within the team.

While there are highly qualified players who have won the Meiji Jingu Tournament last fall, they also showed good performance by steadily scoring points in the first round with squeeze play.