At the Sumo Spring Basho, Mt. Kinbo from Kazakhstan, the third place from the first ring, won all seven races.

In the Makushita of the spring place, Mt. Kinpu of the Kise stable, who had won all 6 races, and Mt.

Mt. Kinpu is 24 years old from Kazakhstan.

He is from Nihon University Sumo Club and was in the top four in individual competition at the National Student Championships.

He passed the new discipleship inspection in September last year and entered the corner, and last year's Kyushu place, the third stage, the 100th grade, he stepped on the first ring and won all seven races.

The destination is steadily increasing the ranking with 5 wins and 2 losses, and now the third place from the first ring is the 34th piece under the west Makushita, which is 1 meter 91 cm tall and weighs 165 kg. I won the championship with a strong push.

Mt. Kinpu said, "I'm happy. The opponent was also a push sumo wrestler, but I took the sumo wrestling so that the opponent would never exert power. I want to do my best. "