On the 13th day of the Sumo Spring Basho, Wakatakakage, who lost 1 loss, lost to Mitakeumi Ozeki and retreated to 2 losses, while Takayasu beat Takakeishō Ozeki to defend 1 loss and took the lead in the battle for the championship.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Ichiyamamoto won the ten swordsmen with a stick out.

▽ Toyoyama Kotoeko decided to win by pushing out Kotoeko.

▽ Terutsuyoshi is pushed out by Terutsuyoshi in Kotokuzan.

▽ In Myogiryu, Nishikigi won by throwing a small hand.

 Myogiryu is losing.

▽ Aoiyama sticks out in Chiyo no Kuni.

 Chiyo no Kuni, who re-entered from the 24th, lost.

▽ In Shimanoumi, Chiyomaru won by Shimanoumi.

▽ In Chiyotairyu, Wakamotoharu is struck by Chiyotairyu.

▽ Tobizaru Masaya Kotoshoho is scooped by Tobizaru.

▽ Chiyoshoma is thrown by Kagayaki.

 Chiyoshoma has lost.

▽ In the sky sea, the sea of ​​Okinoumi is scooped up by the sea of ​​Okinoumi.

▽ Ishiura won the Sadanoumi by pushing out the Sadanoumi.

▽ Tochinoshin on Mt. Kiriba, Mt. Kiriba is outside.

▽ Hokutofuji was beaten by Tamawashi, and Hokutofuji was beaten.

▽ Ura is sent to Meisei by Ura.

▽ Abu Saki is struck by Daieishō.

 Abu Saki lost.

▽ Ichinojo is overthrown by Hoshoryu.

▽ Takanosho wins Takarafuji, Takanosho wins.

▽ Abi won over Endo with Abi sticking out.

▽ Ozeki Mitakeumi in Wakatakakage, Mitakeumi is close.

 Wakatakakage is back to 2 losses.

▽ Takayasu Ozeki Takakeishō defended 1 loss by winning with a good throw.

▽ Kotonowaka won the Masayo Ozeki with Kotonowaka.

After the 13th day of Spring Basho, Takayasu took the lead alone with one loss.

When Takayasu wins and Wakatakakage loses two losses on the 14th day, Takayasu's first victory will be decided.