New player Chan-Song Song, the nephew of former LG general manager Song Gu-Hong, is creating a sensation.

He crossed over to Jamsil Stadium, setting the record for the most home runs in a demonstration game.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Chan-eui Song, a rookie of 5 years who has not yet debuted on the first team stage, hit a home run in the first game at Jamsil Stadium.

He pulled Doosan starter Lee Young-ha's slider and crossed the deepest left middle fence.

In the last 8 games, he drew the 6th arch, setting the record for the most home runs in a demonstration game.

Song Chan-ui, who was selected by LG in the 2018 Rookie Draft, was embroiled in a personal connection controversy because he was the nephew of Song Gu-hong at the time, but he exploded his potential through hard work and brushed off his troubles.

[Song Chan-eui/LG: At that time, I was also noticing a lot and it was difficult, but now I am much better, so I don’t care about that and try to play my own baseball.]

Jamsil, the farthest from big leagues such as Kim Kwang-hyun and Nova, after beating them one after another It is growing into the future of LG, which lacks a 'right-handed gun' by going over the fence.

[Chan-eui Song/LG: I will support you a little more and live up to your expectations.]

Deok-ju Ham, who suffered from an injury after moving to LG last year, raised expectations by scoring no goals in 4 consecutive games.

Noh Kyung-eun, a '38-year-old old man' who was released from Lotte and changed into an SSG uniform, heralded a revival with a five-inning scoreless run.

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok, video editing: Woo-jung Woo)