On the 11th day of the Sumo Spring Basho, Takayasu Akira, who won all the wins, lost to Wakatakakage Sekiwake, and Takayasu and Wakatakakage were at the top with one loss.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Ichiyamamoto won the Chiyomaru by pushing out.

▽ Chiyotairyu is struck by Nishikigi.

▽ Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi decided to win by winning the Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi.

▽ Myogiryu is extruded by Myogiryu.

▽ Aoiyama is struck by Aoiyama.

▽ The sky sea is sent to Shozaru by the sky sea.

▽ The sea of ​​Sada is taken by the sea of ​​Sada in Kotoshoho.

▽ Toyoyama won against Chiyoshoma with a close-knit victory.

▽ Hokutofuji is close to Shimanoumi.

▽ Ishiura, who will re-enter the Okinoumi Ayumi from the 23rd, has the Okinoumi Ayumi protruding.

▽ Endo scoops up Kotoe Mitsu.

▽ Wakamotoharu leans over to Kiribayama.

▽ In Akio, Ichinojo won by sticking out.

▽ Tamawashi to Ura, Tamawashi throws a small hand.

▽ Hoshoryu was handed over to Daieishō.

▽ Abu Saki is pushed out by Takanosho.

▽ In Takayasu, Wakatakakage is close to Wakatakakage.

Takayasu's winning streak from the first day stopped at 10.

▽ In Masayo Ozeki, Takarafuji is pushed down by Masayo.

▽ Ozeki Mitakeumi against Abi, Mitakeumi won by withdrawal and defended 2 losses.

▽ Ozeki Takakeishō to Kotonowaka, Takakeishō won by pushing down and won, and got out of the corner.

Kotonowaka is back to 2 losses.

In the spring place, after the 11th day, Takayasu of all wins got soil, Takayasu and Wakatakakage lined up with 1 loss, and Mitakeumi and Kotonowaka followed with 2 losses.