• Tony Estanguet, the president of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games organizing committee, spent two days in Marseille to ensure the good progress of the projects for hosting the sailing events in Marseille.

  • The new municipality of Marseille, elected in 2020, wanted to reduce its share of the bill for this organization, as well as review the project for a giant stand planned on the cornice.

  • But Tony Estanguet assures him, “the financing plan is stabilized” and “the work is respecting the schedule as planned”.

“Oh how beautiful, it's true that it's always a pleasure to come to Marseille.

“Tony Estanguet, the president of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games (Cojo) of Paris 2024, was visiting for two days.

Not to take advantage of the return of spring, but to “meet all the players to make sure that everything is going well”.

The second city of France will have its share of the cake in the organization of the "biggest sporting event that our country has ever organised", with the sailing events, and the hosting of 10 matches of the Olympic football tournament.

A visit also and above all to, indirectly, give a boost after several hiccups around this organization.

Like the will of the municipality of Marseille, elected in 2020, to reduce the bill for the construction of the new marina, while wishing for a project “

greener, fairer and which will sustain the local economy".

"The work is on schedule"

“The financing plan is now stabilized.

The work is on schedule as planned to be ready to organize our first meeting, which will be a test event in July 2023. We continue, we move forward, and I will come back as often as possible to make sure that at all territorial levels, things are progressing well.

We have a stake in success, ”wanted to reassure Tony Estanguet during his visit to the circle of swimmers.

According to him, the construction of the Navy has started well.

But no "laying of the first stone", so appreciated by officials to show the progress of the work, was organized when a date at the end of March had been mentioned.

" We are ready.

Finally… We will be, ”supported Renaud Muselier, the president of the Paca region.

A grandstand "on the beach side" for sailing

Another source of questions, the stand that was to be built on the cornice to accommodate between 5,000 and 10,000 spectators for the sailing events.

The town hall of Marseille, through the voice of Samia Ghali, who did not respond to our requests, had seriously undermined this project because of constraints related to security and the movement of Marseille residents.

“Following the last elections, we collectively wanted to see how we could find a solution to reposition the stand for the spectators.

As close as possible to the sailing competitions, without necessarily blocking traffic.

The stand will be even closer to the water, as close as possible to the action, with the same ambition in terms of capacity, to allow several thousand spectators to be in front of the action, in front of this magnificent playing field. »,

After visiting the circle of swimmers under a radiant sun alongside a smiling Renaud Muselier, Tony Estanguet was to meet Benoit Payan, the mayor, on Wednesday.

An important round of meals in Marseille, while the Cojo has had to deal with several hiccups for a few weeks, with the cessation of work on the training pool in Aubervillers.

And the anger of the basketball players, after the announcement of the holding of the qualifying matches at the Parc des expositions.

It is therefore important not to add to the side of Marseille.


Olympic Games 2024: There will finally be no stand on the Corniche, for the sailing events in Marseille


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