High jump Woo Sang-hyeok, who became the first Korean track and field athlete to win a gold medal at the World Indoor Championships, returned to gold.

With his unique confidence, he expressed his ambition to become a pioneer in Korean athletics.

Correspondent Lee Jeong-chan.


Woo Sang-hyeok, who returned with his first gold medal around his neck, proudly expressed his feelings, saying that this is just the beginning.

[Sanghyuk Woo / National High Jump Team: 'The title of the first', I was always thirsty.


In the future, I want to break the first, the first, the first, and more.]

After crossing the 2m 31, the biggest crisis of this tournament, in the final 3rd period, he looked down at the bar and shared the reason why he folded his arms.

[Woo Sang-hyeok/High Jump National Team: Did you see it?

I am currently ranked number 1

This is the beginning.

Let's play at the next height]

The first goal of Woo Sang-hyeok, who is 188 cm tall, is to join the so-called 'Dream 50 cm club', where he jumps 50 cm more than his height.

He set a new Korean record of 2m 36 this year, approaching the goal by 2cm, and continues to challenge the 2m 37, raising his senses.

[Sanghyuk Woo/National High Jump Team: I know that Mondo (Duplentis), who set the world record, also challenged the 6m 19 more than 50 times.

If I build up the opportunity to challenge the 2m 37, I will pass it.]

Knocking and knocking at the outdoor world championships in July and the Asian Games in September, two years later, in Paris, I am dreaming of breaking the walls of the Olympics.

[Woo Sang-hyuk / National high jump team: The ultimate goal is to win the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In the end, I think I will be able to go over 2m and 40 degrees.]

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Im Chan-hyuk)