Hitomi Hatakeda, who participated in the Tokyo Olympics last year as a representative of Japan for gymnastics girls, has announced that she will retire from active duty at the All Japan Championship next month.

Hatada revealed this on his SNS on the 22nd.

Hatada is 21 years old from Tokyo.

His father, Yoshiaki Hatakeda, is a member of the men's team that won the bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

His mother, Yukiko, was also born into a gymnastic family called a former gymnast and started playing in earnest in the lower grades of elementary school.

She has an expressive performance that makes the best use of her long limbs, and under the guidance of Yukiko, she is good at uneven bars by refining her skills with her sister Chiai.

At last year's Tokyo Games, which was the first Olympic Games, I participated in the third event of a women's group and contributed to Japan's fifth place.

She also abstained from the final because she was injured in the last practice, although she advanced to the final at the World Championships in individual overall last October.

Regarding the reason for retirement, Hatada said, "It is difficult to keep motivation in a state where various tournaments and expeditions are canceled or postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and injuries at the world championship. We have made overlapping decisions. "

Next month, the All Japan Championship to be held in Tokyo will be the last tournament in active duty. I want to do my best. "