China News Service, Beijing, March 20th. The World Table Tennis Major League (WTT) Singapore Grand Slam ended on the 20th local time. In the women's singles and men's singles finals, Chinese players Chen Meng and Fan Zhendong won the championship. Ping swept all five championships.

  The Grand Slam is a new WTT competition, and the first stop in Singapore is one of the “Four Slams” at the highest level in the WTT series, with championship points comparable to the Olympics and World Championships.

  The singles competition in this event is particularly concerned. According to the selection rules of the national table tennis team, the singles champion can directly enter the lineup for this year's Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the final that night, the men's and women's singles matches played seven games, and the situation on the court was quite stalemate. In the end, Chen Meng and Fan Zhendong narrowly won.

  In the first women's singles final, the opening game was stalemate. Chen Meng won the first game with 11:9, and Wang Manyu won the second game with 11:8.

In the third and fourth rounds that followed, Chen Mengjun came from behind, winning two consecutive rounds with 11:9 and 11:8, leading by a big score of 3:1.

  In the next two rounds, Wang Manyu played more proactively, winning two consecutive rounds with 11:6 and 11:9, and the two sides battled to 3 draws.

In the crucial decisive game, Chen Meng regained the initiative in the return and serve link, with a high quality of hands-on and better handling of key balls. In the end, he won the game with 11:8 and a big score of 4:3.

  With this win, Chen Meng's world ranking has returned to the first place.

She said after the game that both sides in this final showed their best competitive state, tried their best, and their level was on the same level.

  The men's singles final was played against Ma Long and Fan Zhendong. In the Tokyo Olympics, Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong in the final to win the championship.

After the start of the game, Fan Zhendong quickly entered the state and won the first game with 11:6.

In the second game, Ma Long took the lead at the start, but then dropped points in a row, and Fan Zhendong went to the next game with 11:6.

  Then Malone stepped up the offensive and scored three consecutive games at 11:6, 11:9 and 11:8, leading by a big score of 3:2.

Although Fan Zhendong started behind in the sixth game, he continued to score points in the middle game and reversed with 11:8, chasing the big score to 3 ties.

In the final game, Ma Long's physical fitness decreased and his mistakes increased. Fan Zhendong won 11:7 and won the championship of the competition.

  So far, the World Table Tennis Major League (WTT) Singapore Grand Slam has come to an end.

In the previous doubles competition, the Chinese team performed equally well. Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha won the mixed doubles championship, Wang Chuqin and Fan Zhendong won the men's doubles championship, and Wang Manyu/Sun Yingsha won the women's doubles championship.

National table tennis won all five individual championships.