Senbatsu High School Baseball, 3 games of the 1st round will be held on the 3rd day of the tournament.

Game 1 Yamanashi Gakuin vs. Kisarazu Comprehensive

The first match is a match between Yamanashi Gakuin and Kisarazu Comprehensive High School in Chiba.

Yamanashi Gakuin had a batting average of 40% and 9 in the official game last fall, which was the top among the participating schools, and had a strong batting average and won the runner-up in the Kanto tournament.

Among them, Toei Suzuki, who hit No. 1, has a batting average of 60%, 2 minutes and 9 minutes, and is a noteworthy batter who left the highest number among the main players of the participating schools.

Among the pitchers, ace pitcher Reio Enokiya pitched well with an earned run average of 1.05 in the official autumn game.

In Kisarazu Comprehensive, ace pitcher Soichiro Koshii had the fastest straight in the middle of 140km, and showed outstanding stability with an ERA of 0 points in the official game last fall.

In the attack, Hayashi Yamada, who hit five home runs at the prefectural tournament last fall, has a strong power in the upper hitting line.

Game 2 Nihon University Mishima vs. Konko Osaka

In the second match, Nihon University Mishima High School in Shizuoka, which will be the first time in 38 years to participate in this competition, will face Konko Osaka High School aiming for the first victory in Koshien.

The key to Nihon University Mishima is whether pitcher Yoto Matsunaga, who hits No. 4 with an ace, can play an active role in pitching as the main pillar of the team.

Director Yuji Nagata, who led to Koshien in less than two years in office, led Hyogo's Hotoku Gakuen and won the Senbatsu 20 years ago.

Konko Osaka became the driving force to advance to the top four in the Kinki tournament, as pitcher Atsushi Furukawa of Ace pitched in all 10 games of the official game last fall and took a strikeout that exceeded the number of pitches with a sharply bending slider.

The team has participated in Koshien three times in the spring and summer, but all of them have been eliminated in the first match and aim for the first victory of their long-cherished desire.

Game 3 Kochi vs Toyo University Himeji

In the third match, Kochi High School, which has won the championship in Koshien, and Toyo University Himeji High School in Hyogo will play against each other.

Kochi won the Shikoku tournament last fall.

We have appointed multiple pitchers in all nine official games, centered on pitcher Keita Yamashita, who also protects Uchino.

While there is no absolute pillar like pitcher Daichi Moriki, who joined the professional baseball team in the first place in the draft, the pitcher relay is likely to be the key in Koshien.

Toyo University Himeji had an average of 3 goals per game in the official game last fall, but 6 out of 7 wins were close to 2 points, centered on pitcher Kento Mori, who has a high complete game ability. I have demonstrated it.

Director Akihiko Fujita, who has commanded the team for nearly 20 years in total, has decided to retire from this tournament at the end, and will face the players and the last Koshien.