On the 8th day of Sumo Spring Basho, the 1-defeated Shin-Ozeki Mitakeumi will play against Komusubi's Hoshoryu.

It is a match against Wakamotoharu, who is the first to meet with Takayasu Akira and wins.

The spring place is over until the 7th day, and in the Makuuchi, Takayasu of the flat curtain keeps winning, and Mitakeumi of the new Ozeki, Wakatakakage of the new Sekiwake, and Kotonowaka of the flat curtain lose one. It has become.

Of these, Mitakeumi will play against Komusubi's Hoshoryu.

In the past, I fought twice, and Mitakeumi has won in both cases.

Mitakeumi wants to push the opponent from a sharp start and decide the game while paying attention to the tenacious legs of Hoshoryu at the edge of the ground.

On the other hand, the point of Hoshoryu is to find a chance by making the best use of speed and setting up without rest.

Takayasu, who has won, meets Wakamotoharu of the flat curtain for the first time.

In contrast to Takayasu, where the sumo wrestling is shining in front of him at once, Wakamotoharu, who is the second place in the Makuuchi area, has also had four sumo wrestling, and he has been doing well with five wins so far.

Two people with one defeat, Wakatakakage will play against Ura, and Kotonowaka will play against Endo.