The bat of professional baseball KIA's 'super rookie' Kim Do-young is terrifyingly burning.

He sprinted three hits, making him the number one hit in a demonstration game.

Kim Do-young, who became the first batter for three games in a row, turned the bat without hesitation from the start.

He made a clean right-handed hit by pushing KT ace Young-pyo Ko's two-seam in the 1st inning, and in the third at-bat in the 5th he pushed a high fastball to hit a double that exceeded the height of right fielder.

And in the 7th one-out second base opportunity, which was 2-1 behind, he pulled the fast ball with all his might and showed off his resolver instinct with a tie double that fell in the middle of the left.

Doyoung Kim, who hit 3 hits, recorded multi-hits in 3 games in a row and climbed to the top of the list for most hits, raising his batting average to 50, 3 pennies.

He raised expectations as the 'second Jong-beom Lee' with his stable catch and strong throw in the shortstop defense.

Pitcher Young-hyeon Park, a new high school graduate who received KT's first pick, stopped Kim Do-young's run.

He appeared in the ninth inning and struck out Kim Do-young with three fastballs at 148 km/h, heralding a fierce competition for the rookie of the year.

KIA continued their undefeated streak in the demonstration game, adding to the huge home run of rookie giant Kim Seok-hwan.


Puyi of Kiwoom He raised the sense of hitting by decorating his first RBI in his demonstration game as the final RBI.