Sumo Spring Basho will be on the 4th day, and Ozeki and Mitakeumi, who have won 3 consecutive victories, will play against Komusubi and Takanosho.

On the 15th, Shin-Ozeki and Mitakeumi won the strong Hiraku, Daieishō without any danger, and won the third straight victory from the first day.

The 16th of the 4th day is the best with Takanosho.

In the past, the match was 5 wins, 5 losses and 5 minutes, but Mitakeumi has won 4 consecutive wins since last summer.

For Mitakeumi, who is accumulating white stars in calm sumo, Takanosho wants to attack with his own push sumo and pull the opponent to find a chance.

The one-defeated yokozuna, Terunofuji, will play against the flat curtain, Ichinojo.

In past matches, Terunofuji overwhelmed Ichinojo with four sumo wrestling, and has won 12 wins and 2 losses.

So far, Ichinojo hasn't seen the original strength of yokozuna sumo, while Ichinojo has been showing good condition to defeat Ozeki for two days in a row. If you can stick to it, it will be an interesting game.

Ozeki and Masayo, who have no white stars yet, will play against Ura in the flat curtain, and Takakeishō, who has lost two games in a row, will play against Daieishō.