The British government has imposed several sanctions on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

It also affects the football club, which, among other things, is not allowed to sell or buy players, extend contracts or sell tickets to home matches.

The sanctions mean huge losses in revenue for the club and last week Sky Sports reported that the bank Barclays froze Chelsea's bank accounts and credits.

Now comes the next setback.

Chelsea will not be able to fly to this weekend's FA Cup quarter-final against Middlesbrough.

Instead, the team will need to take a bus, a ten-hour tour and return trip.

The ceiling of SEK 250,000 in travel costs per match will not cover the costs of renting an aircraft to Middlesbrough and Riverside Stadium.

"Is not about luxury and bling-bling"

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that the preparations will be different.

- We want to find solutions, we want to play the match on Saturday as much as we want to play in the Champions League.

It is difficult to arrange things in the best possible way before the FA Cup, but we will deal with it, he says.

Tuchel believes that flying is the only right option.

- It's not about luxury and bling-bling.

This is just a professional level of sports, where we play every two days.

The opponents are allowed to rest for four days and we come up with opportunities for injuries to our players, says the German.