"Crazy Scenario" crowns Barcelona in the Spanish League .. The start from Madrid!

The Spanish League will enter its decisive stages, starting from the 21st of this month, which falls on Sunday, when the hour of truth strikes with the two rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona (at 12:00 pm Emirates time). We are witnessing a crazy "illogical" scenario, and coach Xavi's men are able to delight Barcelona fans with a legendary coronation that goes against nature!

Mathematically, Real Madrid, with the mentality of the Italian fox, Carlo Ancelotti, collected 66 points from 28 matches (20 wins, 6 draws, 4 losses), and is away from its closest pursuers, Seville, by a full 10 points, and Barcelona - who played one game less - by 15 points collected from (14 wins, 9 draws, 4 defeats).

Does a "hypothesis" turn into a "truth"?

The difference between Real and Barca is large, and 10 rounds remain at the end of the league, meaning that there are 30 points on the field, and Madrid has to bleed 12 points in order to be equal with Barca in points, provided that the Catalan team never stumbles, so does the “hypothesis” turn into a “truth” ?!.

It seems certain that the “La Liga” will ignite if Barcelona wins the “El Clasico” because it will reduce the difference at the time to 12 points, while it has a postponed match, and if he wins it, the difference will become nine points, and then “Barcelona” may have the desire and motivation to achieve the dream, and here is the sweetness of football Excited and crazy!

Logically, things may seem almost settled for Real, but on paper and in terms of numbers, Barcelona's opportunity exists, especially with the team's rising level and its broad victories that gradually elevated it from 13th to third place well deservedly.

The remaining matches,

given the remaining ten matches for Real Madrid, it will play, in order, with: Barcelona, ​​Celta Vigo, Getafe, Sevilla, Osasuna, Espanyol, Atletico Madrid, Levante, Cadiz, Real Betis.

As for Barcelona, ​​it will play 11 matches in a row, which are with: Real Madrid, Seville, Levante, Cadiz, Real Sociedad, Rayo Vallecano, Mallorca, Real Betis, Celta Vigo, Getafe, and concludes the "La Liga" against Villarreal.

All confrontations are not without danger, and we will wait for the crowning of the Spanish football groom, either a "white knight" or a "Catalan fighter"!

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