Sayaka Hirota of badminton women's doubles recovers from a serious injury to her right knee torn band before the Tokyo Olympics, and will return to the competition with Yuki Fukushima at the British Open this month. became.

Fukushima and Hirota's Fukuhiro pair, who participated in the Tokyo Olympics last summer as the number one badminton women's doubles player at the time, suffered a serious injury to Hirota's right knee ligament just before the tournament. There, I was eliminated in the best eight.

Hirota underwent surgery to rebuild the ligaments in August of last year after the competition and continued to rehabilitate, but he recovered until he was able to practice in earnest as a pair, and paired with Fukushima. , I will be returning to the competition at the British Open this month.

Hirota told NHK on the 12th of this month before he left for England, "I have a lot of joy and fun to have surgery, rehabilitation, and play again. I would like to see what kind of play I can play, and I hope to create a tournament where new challenges can be found. "

In addition, Fukushima said, "Because it is Hirota's return match, I'm wondering what will happen, but I'm more excited about it. Hirota does not overdo it, but adjusts and controls himself. I want you to play the game calmly without being too particular about winning. "

The British Open for Badminton will kick off on the 16th of this month in Birmingham, England.