Before the season, Frida Karlsson said that she wants to be a better sprinter, especially since it can give her advantages in the distance races. 

- There are a lot of mass starts where speed is an important part of the finals, she told SVT Sport during the Swedish premiere in Gällivare. 

And she got the chance already in the world cup premiere in Ruka.

She thanked for the confidence by making it all the way to the final, where she finished sixth. 

- It has been a special season.

I started very well with a good sprint in Ruka.

Since then, I have not ridden that much sprint.

I did a sprint on the tour ... Or two really.

One I did not qualify and one went well until I messed it up.

ARCHIVE: Here Diggins falls after contact with Karlsson (January 1, 2022)

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Here Diggins falls after contact with Frida Karlsson

"We are friends"

It was in the quarterfinals in Oberstdorf during the Tour de Ski that Karlsson stepped out in front of Jessie Diggins in the track.

The American fell, Karlsson was moved down to last place in the heat and was punished with an addition of three minutes in the Tour de Ski total.

Diggins was angry and frustrated - according to her, even "the whole World Cup was angry" - and Karlsson chose to cancel the tour. 

- We have left it behind, we are friends, says Karlsson now.

- It was my fault completely.

I was late in the thought.

It can usually be the case if you are not really in shape, that you are not one step ahead and can have scenarios in front of you.

All incidents, falls and broken rods, it happens several times in a row, then it is not a coincidence.

In Falun, Karlsson gets another chance in the sprint, and the answer to what she needs to improve from the Tour de Ski sprint is simple:

- Try to ride smart, ride with a little more margins than I might have done then.