Norimoto, who won 11 wins at the top of the team last season, will be the opening pitcher for professional baseball and Rakuten.

Pitcher Norimoto will be the seventh opening pitcher.

This was revealed on the 10th by Rakuten coach Kazuhisa Ishii in Shizuoka City, the team's expedition destination.

Pitcher Norimoto is 31 years old in his 10th year as a professional.

Since the rookie year of 2013, he has been the opening pitcher for the team six times, which is the most in the team, and with this appointment, it will be the seventh time, overtaking the former team ace Hisashi Iwakuma.

Pitcher Norimoto was enthusiastic, "I'm nervous because I was entrusted with an important match, but I think I'll be able to ride the waves if I win the match, so I want to give momentum to the team."

On the other hand, Director Ishii praised Norimoto for his achievements in winning 11 team top wins last season and his ability to be entrusted with long innings, and he appointed the opening pitcher during the camp in Okinawa in February. I told you.

Director Ishii said, "When I want the team to win, I entrusted the opening pitcher with the hope that he would stand up against me, so I want him to do it well."

Professional baseball will start on the 25th of this month, and Rakuten will play against Lotte at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi.

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