Last Saturday, Therese Johaug had a big farewell performance in Holmenkollen and this weekend it's time for the last World Cup race in Falun.

But the season is not over.

On March 19, she runs the Birkebeinerrennet, which is 54 kilometers long, and Norway's answer to the Vasaloppet.

Sleep on the floor

Then the world's best skiers change conditions, from the great fine organization in the national team environment to the simple reality of cross-country skiers

- Then she will live with the rest of the team on mattresses in a simple cottage near the area.

In addition, she will be able to cook the food herself.

But we will have a lot of fun together, says Magnar Dalen.

He adds that the joy of skiing and the community are two motivating factors for her to continue.

In addition, there will be a chance to meet my friend Marit Bjørgen again both before and during the race as they both go for Team Ragde Charge.

But Magnar Dalen points out that Therese Johaug will ride in Norway's national team uniform because that requirement is included in the Norwegian World Cup skiers' agreement with the Norwegian Ski Association.

- This is going to be great fun and then we will see if she will stake or go with a mooring.

It became an interesting question as we approach the competition, says Dalen

More long runs

There is much to suggest that there will be more long runs this winter for Therese Johaug.

If there is health and motivation, it may be relevant that she also rides the Reistadløpet on April 2 and Yllä-Levi on April 9.

According to information, there are more World Cup profiles who will ride the Birkebeinerrennet.

Among others William Poromaa, Didrik Tønseth and Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget.

As for the other Swedish national team skiers, most will focus on the Swedish Championship week in Piteå, which begins on the Wednesday after the Birkebeiner race.

ARCHIVE: Johaug on the future (March 5):

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Ski queen Therese Johaug with the Norwegian prince Håkon.

Photo: Bildbyrån