Most notably, the termination of the contract .. “FIFA” amends the transfer regulations in the Ukrainian and Russian leagues

Today, Monday, FIFA took new decisions in the Russian and Ukrainian league, after the war between the two countries, and the International Federation announced that foreign players in the Ukrainian League and the Russian League are free to sign with any club until the end of the season.

After the escalation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which led to an ongoing humanitarian crisis, the Bureau of the FIFA Council in coordination with UEFA and after consulting with various stakeholders decided to amend the regulations on the status and temporary transfer of players in order to provide legal certainty and clarity on a number of matters titled “Rules The Temporary Council addressing the exceptional situation caused by the war in Ukraine.

The decisions of FIFA came in an official statement as follows:

1 With regard to the situation in Ukraine, in order to provide an opportunity for players and coaches to work and receive a salary, and to protect Ukrainian clubs, unless the parties to the respective contract expressly agree otherwise, all employment contracts for foreign players and coaches with clubs affiliated with the Ukrainian Football Federation will be suspended automatically until the end of the season in Ukraine on June 30, 2022, without the need for any action from the parties in this regard.

2 - In order to facilitate the departure of foreign players and coaches from Russia, in the event that the clubs of the Russian Football Federation do not reach a mutual agreement with their foreign players and coaches before or on March 10, 2022 and unless otherwise agreed in writing, foreign players and coaches will have the right to Suspension of their contracts unilaterally with the respective UEFA affiliated clubs until the end of the season in Russia on 30 June 2022.

Moreover, in order to provide flexibility to the players who have been registered who have left or may be intending to leave the territory of Ukraine or Russia as a result of the war in Ukraine, foreign players who were previously registered with the Russian Football Federation and the Ukrainian Federation are allowed to register even if the registration period is closed in The association of the club with which they have entered into a new contract, for this exception to be applicable and to protect the integrity of the competitions, registration with the new club must take place before or on 7 April 2022, and to further protect the integrity of the competitions, clubs are entitled to register a maximum of players who have benefited from the exception.

Earlier, the International Federation announced 3 decisions against the Russian national team, as it will be prevented from playing its matches on its soil, with the Russian flag and the national anthem withheld before the matches.

FIFA and UEFA decided to exclude the Russian national team and clubs from participating in all competitions, due to the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

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