Ryoyu Kobayashi, the Japanese ace of the ski jumping men's World Cup, was sixth.

On the 5th, the Ski Jumping Men's World Cup was held in Norway on the 24th individual round at Large Hill, a hill size of 134 meters.

Six people from Japan participated, including Ace Kobayashi, who won the gold medal at the normal hill of the Beijing Olympics and the silver medal at the large hill.

Kobayashi has won eight wins this season and is aiming to win the World Cup all-around for the first time in three seasons.

In the first run, which was a disadvantage to the jump, he jumped 128 meters and finished 7th, 3.9 points behind the top.

In the second time, he extended the flight distance and marked 129 meters 50, totaling 262 points, and moved up one place to 6th place.

In addition, Keiichi Sato was 28th and Yukiya Sato was 30th in the Japanese team.

Daiki Ito, Junshiro Kobayashi's older brother, and Naoki Nakamura did not advance to the second time by the top 30 players.

The winner was Marius Lindvik of Norway, who won his fourth victory of the season.