In the domestic league T-League of table tennis, the men's playoff final was held, and Kinoshita Meister Tokyo won the TT Saitama 3 to 1 occasionally, and won the championship for the first time in two seasons.

In the men's final held in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Kinoshita Meister Tokyo, who ranked first in the regular season, and TT Saitama, who ranked second, played against each other.

Tokyo won the doubles in the first game straight with a game count of 2-0, and Tomokazu Harimoto, who won the bronze medal in the men's group of the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the singles in the second game.

From the scene where Harimoto was leading 7 to 8 in the first game, he took 3 consecutive points with a high-speed backhand, which is good at hitting back at a fast timing, and took the lead with 11 to 9.

After the second game, I won straight 3-0 without losing one game.

However, in the singles of the third game, Yuya Oshima lost to Koki Niwa, who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Games, 0-3.

In the singles of the 4th game, Mizuki Oikawa, who won the All Japan Championship last year, appeared and was entangled until the final game, but Oikawa decided a powerful shot by taking the plunge in the game. , I took 11 to 8 and won 3 to 2.

Tokyo occasionally won 3 to 1 and won the championship for the first time in two seasons.

Tomokazu Harimoto said, "I wasn't feeling well, but I was confident that I could make it my own even if I was led. I'm really happy to win on the big stage. "

He was enthusiastic about the Paris Olympics, which will start on the 5th, and the first tournament of the Japan National Team, saying, "I want to do my best while checking my condition one step at a time."